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New 'LOVE' billboard goes up in St. Louis on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Emily Pritchard

Posted on Jan 21, 2019

ST. LOUIS ( - A new ‘LOVE’ billboard went up Monday to spread a simple message.

"That word 'love' has a vibration, that big board emanating that vibration out, I think people are drawn to it," said Carole Glauser.

Glauser is the woman who put the sign up.

This is the fourth ‘LOVE’ billboard with a red background that has gone up around the St. Louis area since mid-December. Three are still up.

The newest sits along Highway 40/I-64 heading into Illinois.

Another is along eastbound I-70 between the Bermuda and Lucas and Hunt exits. The third is along eastbound I-44 near Highway 141.

News 4 asked people walking along S. Broadway downtown what they think about it.

“I see the word love and who doesn’t like love and who doesn’t love love?” asked Rick Brown.

“With everything that’s going on and everybody is so mean to each other, everybody should love everybody,” Amiya Thompson said.

It is part of a national movement called ‘Love on Every Billboard’.

It was started by John Pogachar in Spokane, Washington, and is reaching worldwide with campaigns trying to get off the ground in Nova Scotia, London and Australia.

Glauser hopes the billboards are making an impact on people who see it.

"I think it has a real potential to shift someone in that moment, if they’re driving home or to work, it has the power to do that," said Glauser.

So far she has raised more than $2,600 on her Go Fund Me page to share the message of love around St. Louis roadways.

She said she plans to continue until the money runs out.

Glauser said she met the founder of the "LOVE" movement at a meditation retreat and she decided she wanted to bring the message back home to St. Louis.

"I think we need that message more than ever anywhere," said Glauser. "Particularly in St. Louis, with our racial issues and you know when you're constantly making the news in a bad way for being an unsafe city and that’s not us."

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Join the Movement:

Contact John at for more information and find out how to fund a billboard in your area.

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