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'Love on Every Billboard' is coming back to Spokane (and more in December) is coming back to Spokane, WA, where we will be here for at least a month beginning on the 13th of December! Placement for the sign is still being arranged and when we know you all will too.

Additional billboards are coming also in December. Check these locations out: December 6th - Doris, California December 20th - Detroit, Michigan December 20th - Yucca Valley, California December 14th - Baton Rouge, LA December 20th - Toronto, Ontario, Canada If you are near or far to these go check them out, they are life changing. Feel free to shop on our online store for a gift for you or a loved one and become a walking billboard for Love.


Join the Movement:

Contact John at for more information and find out how to fund a billboard in your area.

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