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And Now There's a Documentary?!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Stanislav Arsonov was so inspired by the movement, he decided to hire a film crew, fly to Spokane and make a documentary about the process.

Founder John Pogachar and Stanislav Arsonov in front of one of the Spokane billlboards

How can we use love in order to not only respect and come together after something tragic happens, but actually express love on a daily basis with our loved ones? How can we better support the community, the stressed, the sad and the lonely?

Stanislav Arsonov (Stas) was drawn to John's idea and took inspired action - he hired a film crew and flew out to Spokane to start a documentary on Love on Every Billboard.

"I see John as a hero. I want to tell more stories like his." - Stanislav Arsonov

"We walked around town and interviewed people who were exposed to the billboards and see how it affected their outlook. What amazed me the most is that the people affected weren't always the ones you would conventionally expect. The feedback from people really showed us how a selfless act can have such an impact on the community. "

Stay tuned for updates on the documentary, as well as new billboards coming springing up all over the U.S.


Join the Movement:

Contact John at for more information and find out how to fund a billboard in your area.

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